Our Beer

Line of Departure

Enclosed are descriptions of our lager for the non-technical, the technical and the excitable... but first, about our Brewmaster, Ray:

During his roughly 20 years at Labatt InBEv, he was Head Brewer for Labatt’s Experimental Brewery, a Brewing Specialist, Brewmaster, and finished as a Group Manager. Then he spent three years at Niagara College as a Professor in their Brewmaster program before he threw in with us.

Brewing is half science and half magic. Ray’s got both covered. He’s one of the founding partners and embodies the qualities we aim for as a group.

For the non-technical

This beer balances taste (malt-forward) with drinkability (European lager). In other words, you know you are drinking a beer and it is damn drinkable.

For the technical

- Meticulously crafted and extensively tested to hone in on a richer flavor profile than mainstream, but not as intense as associated with many craft; hitting all the senses while maintaining easy drinkability:
- New world Nugget hops deliver a smooth, balanced bitter and old world Fuggle hop adds subtle hop aroma.
- A mix of Canadian and toasted malts create a very unique taste and color that is still light but rich.
- Beautiful colour we haven’t found quite the right word for. One person called it called it ‘fire yellow’. We don’t know what that means but it sounds cool. Closest is a mix between gold and a Fox Red Labrador. If you have something better, email us.

Consistent word from our tastings, “Unique,” and in a really good way.

Tasting notes: European style, malt forward lager with light toasted and bready notes. Slight sweet front with subtle hop aroma and finish with balanced bitter.

For the excitable

Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars? Remember at the end of the Death Star assault when Vader had Luke in his sights and was about to finish him off? All was lost. Last good Jedi – gone. Death Star – still there. Then, out of no where, Han Solo shows up, destroys one of Vader’s wing men causing a crash that jettisons Vader out of the picture and Solo says, “You're all clear, kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home.” Remember that?

This is what Line of Departure tastes like.