Does Good

Our belief is the ultimate measure of a society is how much we all feel we are in this together / on the same team. And when we say “we” and “all”, we mean all of us, everyone. Volunteering, being involved in and contributing to one’s community, has been the root of that spirit and the foundation of our success as a country. Today, volunteering rates are at historic lows and you can feel that. (Check out Puntnam’s Bowling Alone.)

One can lament that or one can try to change that. We are going to try and change that by investing our time and 3% of sales to impact an initiative that respects and celebrates that we are all in this together. The criteria that we have come up for determining where those efforts should go is:

  • That our efforts can result in a positive, measurable and sustainable impact.
  • That we do this as a friend. You don’t have a friend’s back so they can owe you or so you can lord it over them. You do it because it is an honour, because your efforts can help a good person make a better go of it if not their best go of it, and because you know that person would do the same for you and others. If what we do does not enrich that dynamic, then this will be a failure.
  • That our projects relate to a larger issue(s) facing our country and in some way, may lend to impacting that.

Line of Departure Lager, our first beer, is dedicated to the V-42 Foundation. A key focus of V-42 is helping members of the Canadian Special Forces community positively transition out the Special Forces.

We can’t do any of this without first making inspired beers. This helps with the inspiration and we feel is a more productive way to market. These are lofty goals but lofty is the only place to start when your goal is to create great things and make great change.

We’re all in this together. And we all love great tasting beer (well, the people reading this site).